Delicious Decadent Milk Snowflake Coffee Punch

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Are you hosting a holiday party? Or maybe you need to make something special to take to a party hosted by someone else. If you’re in charge of the drinks, we suggest making this Delicious Decadent Milk Snowflake Coffee Punch!


This yummy drink is actually perfect for enjoying all winter long–not just during the holidays. (Yes, sometimes it’s nice to have a cold drink–even during the winter! I know some of you folks love your iced coffee!)

When my children were little, they always asked me for “cold hot chocolate.” 😉 They loved drinking chocolate milk, and they heard people talking about drinking hot chocolate during winter, but they didn’t actually enjoy hot drinks. Therefore, they drank lots of “cold hot chocolate” each winter.

Nowadays my kids (even though two of them are adults and one is a teenager) still don’t particularly like hot drinks. But they’ve gotten old enough to enjoy coffee, so this cold milk snowflake coffee punch is something we can enjoy together.

And the frozen snowflakes (made of milk and white chocolate syrup) make it look as festive as it tastes!

To make this punch, you’ll need a silicone snowflake mold. If you don’t have one, you can probably use other silicone molds that you have around the house for making cookies or even cupcakes! Just be sure to barely fill the molds so that only the bottom is covered instead of filling the entire mold.

First, you’ll whisk together the milk and the white chocolate syrup. Then pour it into the snowflake molds. Allow it to freeze overnight.

milk and white chocolate syrup in snowflake mold

When you’re ready to make and serve your punch, whisk the coffee and cream together and pour into your punch bowl.

Finally, scoop the ice cream on top and add the frozen snowflakes you made the day before.

That’s all there is to it! Now just relax and enjoy a cup of delicious decadent milk snowflake coffee punch! Or drink it all by yourself! We won’t judge!


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